Former Child Abuse Prosecutor & Grandson of Billy Graham Joins Our Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Against The First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth, MI

Wayne County, Michigan – Former child abuse prosecutor Boz Tchividjian of the Florida law firm Landis Graham French, P.A. has joined a family’s legal team to fight for justice after their five-year-old daughter, Jane Doe, was sexually assaulted in a bathroom of The First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth, Michigan.  An experienced litigator who has over two decades of experience handling sexual abuse cases, Mr. Tchividjian has dedicated his career to empowering survivors of sexual abuse, sexual assault, and sexual harassment to seek justice against perpetrators.

Mr. Tchividjian is the grandson of the late Billy Graham and the founder of GRACE, an internationally recognized nonprofit organization that equips religious organizations with the tools they need to correctly respond to allegations of sexual abuse and educates them on how to create safeguards to protect children in their communities.

On Palm Sunday 2017, Jane Doe was attending Sunday School at First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth, when Church staff left her dangerously unsupervised.  As a result, a male perpetrator sexually abused Jane in the Church bathroom.  The Doe family contends that the Church’s lack of security measures and practices enabled this crime to take place and the perpetrator to disappear without detection.  After more than two years of investigation, law enforcement has been unable to identify and apprehend the assailant.

The Does learned that, while law enforcement was investigating the crime, the Church was conducting its own investigation into the matter and created a report setting forth its investigation findings.  However, as the family recently discovered, the Church did not disclose its report or all of its contents and findings to the police.

On Tuesday, the Doe family, represented by attorney Monica Beck of The Fierberg National Law Group, filed a motion requesting that the Wayne County Circuit Court order the Church to fully disclose, to police and the Does, its investigative report and materials.  The Does continue to seek answers of how it came to be that their daughter, on Church property, entrusted to the care of Church staff, was sexually abused.  The family hopes that the Church’s investigative report will shed light on that question.


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Attorney Monica Beck and The Fierberg National Law Group represent victims of violence and harassment, including sexual abuse and assault, to make certain their rights are protected, achieving justice for victims and their families, and ensuring perpetrators and institutions that fail to comply with their obligations to protect children are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.