Fraternity & Campus Hazing

Holding individuals & organizations accountable to victims of hazing, sexual violence, and other misconduct for over 25 years.

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We are the National Leader in Fraternity Hazing & Sexual Violence Cases.

Since 1993, The Fierberg National Law Group has fought for those injured or killed as a result of dangerous misconduct in fraternities.  On behalf of our clients we have:

  • Obtained millions of dollars in compensation for our clients from numerous national fraternities, local chapters, fraternity members and universities.
  • Pushed universities and fraternities to reform.
  • Established legal precedent and legislation to help other victims and families.
  • Compelled universities and fraternities to publish the truth about the nature and extent of the dangers facing students, women and the campus community.
  • Forced fraternities to fund independent non-profits established by our clients to educate the public and to protect students and families.

Our lawyers have held fraternities, fraternity chapters, fraternity members and schools accountable to hazing victims in state and federal court across the country, facts readily confirmed by publicly available information in the media, court records, and other sources.  The work continues, on behalf and in honor of the first family we represented in 1993, and for every single one thereafter. We know this to be true.


We Fight for Survivors, Victims, and Their Families.

The statistics confirming the unprecedented risks of fraternities and fraternity hazing are staggering. At least one student has died from fraternity hazing every year since 1970.

The Arizona Supreme Court has held: “We are hard pressed to find a setting where the risk of an alcohol-related injury is more likely than from underage drinking at a university fraternity party the first week of the new college year.” By the late 1980s, “fraternities and sororities were ranked by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners as the sixth-worst risk for insurance companies — just behind hazardous-waste-disposal companies.”

Despite these risks, for decades fraternities have refused to make changes necessary to render their activities safe.  Instead, they use their stable of lawyers (headquartered in California and Texas) to shield them from legal responsibility for hazing, sexual assault and rape, binge drinking, automobile accidents, premises liability, and other misconduct, preventing countless victims from achieving justice.  In many circumstances, their lawyers have prevailed in cases against the very same fraternities that we have defeated in court.  Hence, we strongly encourage families to search for and retain qualified attorneys when pursuing claims against a university or Greek organization:  The stakes are too high to do otherwise.  Many of our clients are willing to discuss these issues with you directly because they have traveled this path, learned so much about his industry and the law, and will forever work to change this dangerous industry and save lives.  They are happy for us to put you in touch with them.

If you or your child has been the victim of fraternity hazing, it’s important for you to know that you are not alone. The legal team at The Fierberg National Law Group has been representing victims throughout the United States.


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Simply put, no other firm comes close to matching the success we have obtained for our clients all over the United States.

| Cases Fraternity & Campus Hazing

Bailey, Estate of Gordon Lynn vs. Chi Psi Fraternity and Individual Defendants

Colorado District Court, Boulder County, Case No. 2006CV424

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Desdunes, Estate of George vs. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity and Individual Defendants

Established precedent in New York and obtained a confidential multi-million dollar settlement.

New York Supreme Court, Kings County, Index No. 500460/2011

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DeVercelly, Estate of Gary, Jr. vs. Rider University, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, and Individual Defendants

The settlement had two primary components, one of which is confidential, the other includes fundamental, ground-breaking changes at Rider University.

New Jersey Superior Court, Mercer County, Law Division, Docket No.: MER-L-003199-07

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