Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Delivering unprecedented financial results and peace of mind to people seeking compensation for serious personal injuries or wrongful death.

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Delivering Unprecedented Financial Results and Peace of Mind to People Seeking Compensation for Serious Personal Injury or Wrongful Death.

We have successfully resolved – via settlement or trial – numerous cases involving traumatic injuries and death.

This has included serious catastrophic injuries and death due to unsafe premises, school violence, gun violence, sexual assault, Title IX violations, fraternity hazing and violence, and other tragedies caused by the negligence of others – including the historic, complex settlement on behalf of 20 families who suffered the loss of a loved one or sustained traumatic gunshot injuries as a result of the April 2007 Massacre at Virginia Tech.


Tough on Substance. Smooth on Style.

As to our abilities, John McCammon, the Founder of The McCammon Group and mediator of the settlement said, “You have served your clients so well and at the same time distinguished yourselves as first class, effective, efficient, practical and collaborative attorneys who know how to deal with the big issues. While tough on substance, you were smooth on style. That is a difficult combination to pull off.”


If you or a loved one have suffered a personal injury or wrongful death, our team of experienced and talented attorneys can help you take steps toward seeking the justice you deserve.

| Cases Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Bailey, Estate of Gordon Lynn vs. Chi Psi Fraternity and Individual Defendants

Colorado District Court, Boulder County, Case No. 2006CV424

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Desdunes, Estate of George vs. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity and Individual Defendants

Established precedent in New York and obtained a confidential multi-million dollar settlement.

New York Supreme Court, Kings County, Index No. 500460/2011

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DeVercelly, Estate of Gary, Jr. vs. Rider University, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, and Individual Defendants

The settlement had two primary components, one of which is confidential, the other includes fundamental, ground-breaking changes at Rider University.

New Jersey Superior Court, Mercer County, Law Division, Docket No.: MER-L-003199-07

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Virginia Tech Massacre Settlement

$11 Million settlement and a lifetime of healthcare for all victims, plus non-monetary assistance.

We negotiated the historic settlements valued in excess of $11 Million for the wrongful deaths and injured survivors of the April 16, 2007 Virginia Tech Massacre. The settlement included financial compensation, health benefits, and non-monetary assistance. It established a foundation in their honor that continues to advocate for safe schools & gun control, which we continue to represent today.

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Bennett v. Tau Kappa Epsilon, et al

Year after year, TKE's flawed oversight allowed dangerous hazing practices, such as what Terrance Bennett endured, to go on. We sought justice and won a confidential amount for Mr. Bennett.

For decades, TKE, like most fraternities in the Greek industry, willfully, wantonly, and consciously disregarded known dangers and refused to make meaningful changes to its flawed risk-management policies and practices. As a result, Bennett, like many others, became another victim of frat hazing - suffering “severe and life-altering” physical, emotional, social and educational damages.

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